ADT has built its reputation as a top-notch security company for the last 13 decades. Within the last decade, the company has branched out into emergency monitoring services. Thus, ADT Companion Services was established in 2004. Today, the service holds a spot on our list of the best emergency alert systems.

Like its home security systems, ADT Companion Service offers professional installation. This is not required, but the company suggests it, just to make certain everything is working properly. The company also charges an activation fee to turn on the home emergency alert system. The start-up costs are steep compared to other services we reviewed.

Furthermore, before you buy ADT Companion Service, you must be absolutely sure this is the service for you, because ADT lacks a cancel-at-any-time policy. This means that if you are dissatisfied with the service, you must wait until your yearlong contract is complete before you can switch to another service.

A two-way communication console and waterproof pendant are included with ADT Companion Service, and the monitoring center provides 24/7 support. The console-to-pendant range is 300 feet, and the console has 12–20 hours of backup battery power. The console includes high and low temperature sensors that can send an alert to ADT if it detects unsafe temperatures in your home.

ADT Companion Service offers a monthly check-in service. Operators from the monitoring center make sure to call once a month to verify that the system is fully functional. Additional pendants, which are needed when a second person uses ADT Companion Service or if a pendant is lost and needs to be replaced, can be purchased on ADT’s website.

Receiving help regarding your ADT Companion Service account is incredibly easy. A toll-free phone number for support and an email form to request a call back are both listed on ADT’s website. For quick answers to commonly asked questions regarding the system, FAQs are listed on the site. A downloadable brochure is available on their site as well.

ADT Companion Service Summary:

While ADT Companion Service requires a hefty activation fee, its advanced console with temperature-reading capabilities and clear two-way communication make this a quality service. ADT provides online account access and 24/7 monitoring in four separate monitoring centers across the country. ADT Companion Service is an impressive service that’s definitely worth a look.


ADT Companion Service

ADT Companion Service

ADT Companion Service provides online account access and 24/7 technical support.

They charge an activation fee, and a long-term contract is required to use the system.

The Verdict:

Provided by a respected name in security services, ADT Companion Service delivers a quality medical alert system.

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