Alert1 is a medical alert system that boasts a UL-listed monitoring center to ensure quick and professional response to all calls. The company offers both agreeable terms and a variety of monitoring devices.

The heart of the Alert1 Medical System is its console, which includes a microphone and speaker. The console has a large Emergency button that you press in the case of an emergency. The console is in direct contact with the Alert1 monitoring center, and will connect you with a responder in seconds.

The pendant operates up to 600 feet from the console, both indoors and out, allowing you the freedom to go in your yard and garden with no doubt for your safety.

The Alert1 Medical Alert System pendant gives you the ability to answer incoming phone calls. Simply press the pendant to answer the phone, and then you can communicate with people in the call center by speaking into the console at a normal volume.

There are other safety features available from Alert1 Services in addition to the console and help pendant. These additional features further ensure maximum coverage and peace of mind. Alert1 offers lockboxes in which you can store a house key in case emergency personnel need to enter your home when the door is locked. Any person who uses the service can order a lockbox, but it is free if you sign up for an annual or quarterly contract.

In addition, to guarantee that Alert1 responders can hear you no matter where you are in your home, the company sells powerful Voice Extenders. Voice Extenders are ideal for two-story or larger homes, and this feature allows two-way communication with the monitoring center as well. If needed, you can get additional call buttons for your hallway and bathroom areas. If the monitoring center receives your call but cannot hear you, they’ll call your emergency contacts.

Alert1 Summary:

The Alert1 Medical Alert System delivers top-of-the-line medical monitoring, with additional safety features you’re sure to appreciate – all at a fair price with agreeable terms. From the impressive monitoring features to the high quality responders, the Alert1 Medical Alert System offered by Alert1 Services hits every mark in perfect form.


Alert1 Medical Alert System

The Alert1 Medical Alert System comes with a top-of-the-line console.

Fall-detection technology isn't included with the alert system.

The Verdict
: 6.78/10

High quality equipment and fair terms make the Alert1 Medical System an attractive option.

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