Medical monitoring services first gained widespread public recognition when Life Alert launched its now-famous "I've fallen, and I can't get up" ad campaign. Since then, the service has become one of the most popular home alert systems in the United States and Canada. Life Alert provides senior citizens and those with disabilities with a sense of security in the case of a debilitating fall or other medical emergency. The system the company employs is common throughout the industry, and Life Alert has proven itself over decades of successful monitoring services.

 Life Alert’s method is simple. The person being monitored wears medical alert jewelry, such as a wrist band or neck pendant. The jewelry features an emergency or panic button that the wearer can push in the case of an emergency. The pendant then communicates with the console connected to the customer's phone line that contacts Life Alert’s monitoring center, which in turn contacts first responders or other emergency contacts.

A Life Alert technician professionally installs each system. This is a great feature for those with family who live too far away to help. However, the company charges an activation fee for its service. There is no long-term contract required to use Life Alert, but a cancellation fee applies if you cancel without 30 days' notice.

The core feature of the Life Alert medical alert system is the console that enables two-way communication with the company's reputable monitoring center. The operational range between the console and pendant is 150 feet, making the system best suited for small homes. Life Alert provides either a necklace pendant or a pendant hidden in a standard men’s watch. A lifetime warranty is included on all products.

While Life Alert doesn't offer popular additional monitoring products like a voice extender and lockbox, it does include a 911 phone (a phone that is exclusively designed to contact emergency services directly) as part of its monitoring repertoire. The Life Alert Mobile service allows you or your monitored loved ones to leave the confines of their home – and the limited 150-foot range of the console – to enjoy the freedom of coverage everywhere. Simply press any button on the phone to connect to Life Alert’s monitoring center. 

Life Alert Summary:

Some critics view Life Alert as an outdated medical monitoring service, but its several thousand customer testimonials make it as competitive as ever. In an industry with new companies popping up all the time, the security of a well-known name can definitely be a good thing, and Life Alert has that in spades. From its mobile phone option to its professional installation, Life Alert continues to be a top-rated medical monitoring service.


Life Alert

Life Alert is an industry veteran with more than 24 years experience.

The company charges an activation fee. At only 150 feet, Life Alert's console-to-pendant range is the smallest of all the companies we reviewed.

The Verdict
: 6.8/10

If you're looking for a basic yet reliable medical monitoring service with no frills, consider Life Alert.