Editor's Note: The manufacturer has informed us that the Philips Lifeline medical alert system in fact does include the following: a 500-foot range, a live chat option, support for over 200 languages and no cancellation fees. We will fully evaluate and reflect this additional information when we next update the Medical Alert Systems Review site.

Lifeline was the first medical alert system in the United States. Now owned by Philips, Lifeline offers medical monitoring pendants that detect falls and alert the monitoring center within moments for the fastest possible response. Philips Lifeline is a great solution if you need assistance with installing the system. The company can send a skilled technician to your home to ensure that everything is installed properly and that the system is securely connected to the monitoring center. This optional installation help does cost a one-time fee, however. You can also have the equipment mailed to you so you can set it up yourself.

Philips Lifeline offers a premium package at a higher monthly cost that includes its AutoAlert with Fall Detection option – a pendant that detects falls. This pendant automatically alerts the monitoring center whenever it senses a fall. The technology can tell the difference between a drop and a fall, reducing the risk of alerting the monitoring center if you drop your pendant on accident. If you or your loved one falls and can't press the button, you can still count on getting help.

You can add a voice extension console and a lockbox to your service for an additional one-time fee. When you place the voice extension console in a different area of your home from the main console, it increases the two-way speakerphone voice communication to a larger area. You can keep a spare home key in the lockbox in case you are locked out of your home. In the case of an accident, minor or major, Lifeline can also give the combination of the lockbox to whomever you designate to enter your home to assist you, whether that's family, neighbors or emergency services.

For seniors who have a hard time remembering when to take their medication and how much to take, Philips Lifeline's medication dispensing service can help prevent dangerous medication errors. This service includes a dispenser button for the medication and an audio reminder when it's time to take each dose.

Philips Lifeline offers a standard base with 30 hours of backup battery power in case of an emergency. The range for this medical alert system varies according to the layout and materials of your home.

You can get support or more information from the system by calling the company number or sending an email. While live chat is available for other Philips products, there isn't a live chat option specifically on the Lifeline site. The company does, however, include FAQs, resource videos and helpful downloads on its site.

Philips Lifeline Summary:

Philips Lifeline offers medical monitoring from a company that's been in the business the longest, backed by a well-known name in consumer electronics. The company offers professional installation and medical alert devices with fall detection for extra peace of mind.


Philips Lifeline

Philips Lifeline

This medial alert service offers a premium package with a pendant that can detect falls and automatically call for help.

An activation fee is required to start your service.

The Verdict:

Philips Lifeline offers advanced monitoring equipment from a respected name.

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